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How Effective is Aerosealing?

In the majority of existing homes and commercial buildings in the United States — more than 90% — the air duct systems are riddled with tiny holes and cracks. These leaks allow conditioned air to escape, reducing the level of comfort, increasing energy use and raising your heating and cooling costs.

Leaks are caused by a range of factors including:

  • The age of the home or building
  • The type of construction
  • The type of ductwork
  • Local building codes

This means that whether you live in Cheyenne or Casper, Colorado Springs or Denver, your home or business probably experienced duct leakage.

Here are some actual results of ductworks treated with the Aeroseal duct seal system. If you have a similar home or building in a similar geographic location, your savings should be equal or greater to the example. The results are provided for representative comparison only. Individual results will vary.


Case Studies

East Coast – Two Story, Residential

West Coast – Two Story, Residential

Central U.S. – Two Story, Residential