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Energy Savings

If your home experiences high energy bills or a constantly running system, it’s probably due to a leaky air duct system.

In an air-based HVAC system, ductworks deliver heated and cooled air to conditioned spaces within a structure. If a duct leaks, this means that the HVAC system has to supply extra air in order to keep conditioned spaces heated or cooled. Not only does this increase your system’s heating and cooling loads, it means that fans have to run longer – and use more energy.

More than 90% of homes and commercial buildings in North America have leaky air ducts, full of tiny gaps, holes and cracks that decrease comfort while increasing the costs of heating and cooling.

Sealing duct leaks decreases the amount of heated or cooled air fans must handle in order to deliver the same amount of air to the conditioned space — and saves on cooling, heating and fan energy.

Aeroseal is the most efficient, viable way to seal duct leakage in the Colorado and Wyoming. Click here to learn more and see what the buzz is all about.

Healthy Space

If your home experiences poor air quality, excessive dust or humidity, air contamination or odor issues, duct leakage is probably the culprit.

An effective air duct system delivers clean, fresh air to all the conditioned spaces in your home or building. Unfortunately, most duct systems leak — up to 40% leakage in 75% of homes we visit. Not only does leaky ductwork release conditioned air to the outside, leaky ducts can draw contaminated air from unconditioned spaces — such as attics, basements, garages or crawlspaces – creating poor air quality in your home.

Sealing your duct system with Aeroseal prevents duct leakage – both in and out – and keeps the air your family breathes clean and healthy.

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