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Are Leaking Ducts in Your Home Costing You Money?

Are Leaking Ducts in Your Home Costing You Money?Many homeowners blame their HVAC system for high utility bills or poor performance. In truth, it’s often not the fault of the system, but instead, it’s a problem with leaking ducts. Duct sealing can reduce energy bills and improve indoor air quality. It also costs a lot less than replacing your furnace.

Reduce Energy Bills

Here are the facts regarding high utility costs.

  • About 47% of a home’s utility bill is spent on heating and air conditioning.
  • On average, 30-cents of every $1.00 spent on heating and cooling a home disappears through leaky ducts.

Because the ducts run through the ceilings and walls, it’s hard to detect breaches. However, an increase in your heating or cooling bill may mean that you have a problem. Inefficiency causes room temperature to fall below where you’ve set your thermostat. This will cause your furnace to run more, even while it’s producing less. The result is that you are paying to heat your walls and ceilings and NOT your rooms.

How to Find Leaking Ducts

If you have access to your ductwork, you can inspect the exposed joints to make sure they are tight. You should also look at the connections between the branches. Those are the most common places for issues. If you find loose connections or holes, seal them with mastic or metal tape.

Ironically, you DON’T want to repair your ducts with duct tape. The adhesive won’t hold long enough to make it a viable repair.

In many homes, the ductwork is not accessible. If that is the case, then your best course of action is to call an HVAC professional. They can test your ducts with specialized equipment that determines the location and the extent of your problem.

Why Should You Seal the Ducts?

Apart from reducing energy bills, a compromised system presents hazards to your health. Holes allow dirt and noxious gas into your home. Leaks can also allow carbon monoxide from your gas furnace to escape rather than venting outside.

People with allergies should schedule a regular duct cleaning. If you see dust buildup near the registers, that is an indicator that your system is dirty or leaking.Dust can exacerbate allergies and asthma.

Contact Your HVAC Professional

It’s hard to detect leaking ducts. The best course of action is to contact an HVAC profession such as Aeroseal of Colorado.

Aeroseal Colorado provides complete ductwork services for both residential and commercial applications. Contact us for professional duct cleaning and duct sealing services in Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.

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