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The Aeroseal Process

Diagnose & Inspect

Diagnosing Leaky Ductwork

The first step in the duct sealing process is an Aeroseal air duct diagnostic. A certified Aeroseal technician will inspect your building or home’s central duct system and suggest ways to save money, improve efficiency, increase comfort and fix air flow or ventilation problems.

Your Aeroseal professional will consider factors such as:

  • Type of duct work
  • Age of the structure
  • Indoor air quality problems
  • High energy bills
  • Construction practices
  • Hot, cold or stuffy rooms

Using computer-based diagnostic and reporting tools, your Aeroseal technical will gather data about duct leaks and register air flows, including:

  • Amount and percentage of air leaking from the ductwork
  • Air flow levels in each room
  • Ventilation or air flow problems
  • Temperature variations throughout the structure
  • Back draft or combustion safety hazard potentials for furnaces, fireplaces and gas heaters
  • Air duct system repair needs