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The Aeroseal Process


Measuring the Duct Seal

Once the Aeroseal air duct sealing process is successfully completed, the technician re-measures any leakage in the duct system.

The Aeroseal software generates a duct sealing certificate, which shows duct leakage before and after sealing, a sealing process graph and overall cooling-heating capacity improvement. The technician also affixes a tightness certification to the duct system.

In most homes, Aeroseal reduces duct leakage by up to 90%, saving typical homeowners up to $300 in annual energy costs. Typical commercial buildings reduce their HVAC energy use up to 30% after undergoing Aeroseal duct sealing.

The following graph illustrates the measurable results of a typical Aeroseal air duct sealing process:

Aeroseal Colorado Process Results

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