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The Aeroseal Process

Seal & Verify

Sealing the Gaps

UL LogoIn the first step of the Aeroseal duct sealing process, a professional Aeroseal technician blocks all ceiling, floor and room registers with foam plugs.

Next, the technician cuts small access holes into supply and return air plenums; attaches temporary collars; and plugs fans, furnaces and indoor air conditioning coils with foam to keep sealing particles out of the equipment.

After the HVAC system is sealed tight, the technician connects the patented Aeroseal injection machine to the duct system with flexible plastic tubing.

Now comes the fun part; the Aeroseal injector shoots adhesive particles of sealant into the ductwork. The particles quickly spread through the air duct system, seeking out cracks, gaps, holes and leaks. These polymer particles polymer particles form attachments to leak edges then stick to each other, forming a high quality seal that stops leaks without coating the insides of the air duct system.

Duct Sealing Certification

Once the sealing process is complete, the Aeroseal technician verifies the results and provides you with a duct sealing certificate. Click here to see a sample certificate.

Duct Sealing Warranty

In residential applications, Aeroseal results are guaranteed for 10 years. Click here for warranty details.

Actual Home Case Studies

To see actual results from houses that we’ve sealed, click here.