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At Aeroseal Colorado, our goal is making sure your duct cleaning and sealing projects are done completely and correctly the first time around. We pride ourselves on providing clients with quality service. Take a look at some of our reviews from these satisfied customers!

Teri F. Avatar

5 star rating AeroSeal of Colorado came out to clean and seal our two units in our 1978 house. The ducts really needed cleaned and there had been duct movement over time with a major loss of air flow to the upstairs and an in balance across the rest of the house. Jason the owner was very professional and responsive to our request for a quote and was very communicable responding to texts, calls and emails as we had questions. Jason went above and beyond helping us find a couple flapper vents we could not locate locally ourselves and Amazon shipping was at least 3 weeks out. Jason tracked these down for us and delivered when the crew came to do the clean and seal. The crew that arrived consisting of 3 people (Roswell, Chris, Isaiah) were amazing they showed up on time, they were very professional and personable. They did an amazing job prepping for the clean and seal to reduce over spray. The whole process took less time than we expected and we now have significantly more air flow to our upstairs and we have air movement balanced throughout the house. Roswell was very knowledgeable and gave us some ideas and pointers to further help such as adding/modifying some vents/returns. The team you could see took pride in their work and projected an attitude that they really enjoyed what they did. They all worked seamlessly together efficiently going about the various tasks. They did a great job at cleanup when they were done. Within an hour or so of the crew leaving Jason emailed us the receipt for the job and the sealing certificates for the supply and return on both of our units. I was extremely impressed by the process and the air flow efficiency that we gained from the sealing and equally impressed by the whole team (Jason, Roswell, Chris, Isaiah). It was so refreshing to deal with responsive, personable, professional, polite people. Our only qualm is that we didn't do this sooner. When the time comes to clean the ducts again we will absolutely hire AeroSeal of Colorado, we highly recommend them. (*This review will be cross posted on multiple platforms)-Teri and Chris Fall

Teri F.
Josh Ulmer Avatar

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate the work you guys did for us! It's only been a few days, but our A/C is working so much better - it runs less, and feels stronger at the vents. My wife and I are ecstatic with the improvement you made to our airflow, and I would readily recommend the process to anyone looking for an easy improvement to their home energy needs. Thank you again!

Josh Ulmer
Graham Hurst Avatar

Aeroseal really helped seal up our ductwork from the inside in our 1980's home. Much MUCH better airflow speed at the supply ducts upstairs. Our house is more of a consistent temperature now. Noticed an immediate difference once the work was done. They spent a lot of time and took care to seal off every supply and return grille in the house before running their machine. I have been remodeling our house room by room, so I was able to "see behind the walls" to the ductwork in some areas. I have noticed several places where the Aeroseal sealant has closed up leaks (that would normally be behind the drywall and not possible to seal any other way) in our rigid metal supply lines. The sealant is very tenacious, sticky, and flexible to the touch, now over a month after they did the work. Looks to be a very robust compound. Before they did the job, I was barely able to feel air down at a couple of our ducts upstairs. Now, they all blow well throughout the house and I can feel it on my face 6 feet up, even higher too. They give a report after the work is complete on how well they sealed the ductwork. We started with about 500 cfm of leakage and ended with 41 cfm leakage on the supply side to the rooms.

Graham Hurst
Christian C. Avatar

Aeroseal was very professional, helpful, and got the job done incredibly well. Kane and Tim came out not just once, but twice. The first time they discovered my ducts were very dirty, and had concerns over both sealing the dust and dirt, and also potential large holes in the line. They worked with my normal HVAC company to get it taken care of, and then came out a second time to perform the sealing. They went the extra mile and I would definitely recommend aeroseal. It doesn't hurt that my AC now keeps my bedroom nice and cool!

Christian C.
Gina K. Avatar

My recent experience with Aeroseal of Colorado has been nothing short of wonderful. Both Kane and Tim were extremely experienced, professional and reliable. I would have no hesitation in referring this company to anyone, as I am sure their experience would be of the same high quality. Thanks Aeroseal for you honest work.

Gina K.
S.B. Avatar

We were having difficulty keeping the air conditioned on our 2nd floor. We decided to use Aeroseal to help improve the airflow. They came out and attempted to do the seal. But, it turned out there was a huge leak in our duct system…so bad that our system could be sealed. We brainstormed the problem and decided we need to cut through some dry wall to try to find where the leak was. We were able to discover that the duct to our laundry room was disconnected. They were able to seal it off and seal the rest of our system. The airflow in our house improved immensely. The leakage was reduced from almost 550 CFM to about 50 CFM. That didn't include the disconnected duct. So, the results were probably MUCH better than that. Kane and Tim went WAY above and beyond the call of duty trying to help solve my problem. I'd give them 6-stars if I could. I would highly recommend this process. And, I would highly recommend Kane, Tim and their company.

Residential Customer Avatar

We had so many issues with hot and cold spots in our 1983 built home we just purchased. The master bedroom was freezing while the living room was over heated. We decided to get our ducts sealed after learning that, in Colorado, building codes do not require sealing of ductwork at the time of construction. In addition, as all homes settle, ductwork can loosen over time. Aeroseal of Colorado came out and prepared an audit of how well our ducts were performing and discovered we had major air leakage. They ended up finding a GIANT (3x8 inch) hole in my ductwork; apparently, the previous renters decided they wanted more warm air in the garage, so they cut a hole through the drywall and then through the duct and then simply placed a vent cover over the hole! The professional employees at Aeroseal patched the hole, sealed my ducts and WOW what a difference. I can SEE the air movement in my house now and dont have hot and cold rooms anymore. Another bonus is that my heating bill actually decreased as a result of not spilling out the air we were paying to heat through leaky ducts. I certainly recommend having Aeroseal Colorado out to review the efficiency of your ducts and evaluate how they can improve the comfort of your home.

Residential Customer
Residential Customer Avatar

We now have adequate airflow to the upstairs bedrooms, whereas before the sealing, we couldn't even feel the air coming out of the vents on the 2nd story. Our basement is no longer 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house. I can still feel a temperature difference in the basement, probably because its below ground and cold air falls, but it is not as drastic, and we can use the basement comfortably now without wearing a jacket when the AC is running. The other noticable difference is that we have been setting our thermostat at 77 to cool the house the way we like it, rather than 73. I'm sure this is going to save energy costs, since our AC is not working as hard and as long to maintain our comfort. This will help justify the investment in the sealing. But for the comfort it has provided already, it seems worth the cost. Yes, we would recommend this service!

Residential Customer
Residential Customer Avatar

The service went exceptionally well. Andrew and one other technician did more than we expected. The temperature in the house has gone up three degrees because of the work that they did.

Residential Customer
Residential Customer Avatar

This past summer was very hot, while inside our home we never noticed. We can now finally get our upstairs down to 70 degrees all day long. We love it. We also noticed less dust on our electronics and furniture. Works for me. Aeroseal of Colorado did a great job and we do recommend them to our family and friends.

Residential Customer
Residential Customer Avatar

We were really pleased with the service. We felt that it was fantastic. We had certain rooms in our house that were really cold and others that were too warm. It made a dramatic difference and we were really happy with it.

Residential Customer
Residential Customer Avatar

I was impressed. Everything went well. The technicians worked quickly and did a great job. I really like how they do a report to show where you started and where you ended. We can tell a difference since having the work done.

Residential Customer
David A. Martinez Avatar

Professional fast and clean. All I can ask for. Kane is doing a great job, friendly and kind.

David A. Martinez