What to Know about Air Duct Cleaning

What to Know about Air Duct Cleaning

Not many people know that air ducts can collect dust and other particles that are possibly dangerous to human health. However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not recommend cleaning the air ducts unless necessary.

But how can you tell if your air ducts need cleaning? Are there tell-tale signs urging you to act? Read on to understand the basics of air duct cleaning. We’ll also recommend reliable air duct cleaners near you, so stay with us.

When Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary?

There’s Visible Mold

If you notice mold on the hard surfaces inside your home, like the sheet metal ducts or other cooling and heating system elements, that’s a good enough reason to consider air duct cleaning. The tricky thing about mold is that it’s not always detectable on parts of the cooling and heating system since some elements are hidden from plain sight.

Another consideration about mold is that even though a substance might look like mold, it isn’t definitive until a professional confirms it. An opinion from a lab might also be needed for final verification.

The Ducts Are Clogged

The Ducts Are Clogged

Air ducts of cooling and heating systems that have been in use for longer tend to collect dust, debris, and other particles, transmitting them into your living space. Moreover, the longer your cooling and heating system is in use, the higher the chance the air ducts become clogged.

Consider cleaning the air ducts simply because they get unsanitary over time. However, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the EPA does not recommend cleaning the air ducts regularly but rather doing it when absolutely necessary. But what does necessary mean?

Suppose you own a fuel-burning furnace, a fireplace, or a stove. In that case, you should have them inspected to ensure safety before the heating season begins and safeguard your household against carbon monoxide poisoning.

There’s an Infestation in the Ducts

A more serious matter that requires air duct cleaning is an infestation, especially by rodents and vermin. If you live in a forest area, chances are you might be getting a visit from unwanted guests that can easily enter the air ducts and nest there.

Air duct infestation is a hazardous issue since it can cause the spread of diseases through the ducts and infect the residents of the household. Call air duct cleaning service providers immediately if you notice a suspicious infestation.

Aeroseal Colorado: Reliable Air Duct Cleaners Near Me

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Whether it’s air duct diagnostic repair or installing a PuriFi system, you can rest assured that our professional air duct cleaners can handle the issue. We’d love to help!

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